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The Land Rover Discovery was first launched in 1989 and is still in production today. Since its launch, it has gone through five generations. The Land Rover Discovery is a medium sized luxury SUV. Armstrong Miller offers replacement engines for all Discovery diesel and petrol models

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Common Problems with Land Rover Discovery Engines

The Discovery is one of the best vehicles Land Rover has produced but they are beginning to show their age. Some of the common problems are:-

Engine running on uncontrollably and/or engine sump filling up with diesel

Diesel can leak past the injector washers or in some cases the in-head fuel rail can crack.

Land Rover Discovery Diesel Engine Problems

Head gasket failing on the TD5 engine at about 80k or even worse the engine going pop. Internal failure of the front differential can cause a condition where the vehicle may be in gear but does not move hence ‘no drive condition’. The transfer case can develop a fluid leak from the intermediate shaft and/or the access plates.

A sticky ignition switch can cause the ignition key to become stuck, and possibly break during operation. If a brake light is not working, and the bulb is good, the brake light socket should be inspected because they can burn out. One or more of the power windows may fail due to a worn window regulator. Replacement of the failed regulator should correct this problem.

The engine oil pan and valve cover gaskets tend to develop oil leaks. A Coolant leak under the middle of the vehicle can be caused by a leaking throttle body deicer. Coolant travels down the engine towards the rear before dripping to the ground. The engine oil pan and valve cover gaskets tend to develop oil leaks.

Rear Air Suspension Failure

Most Disco’s has air suspension on the rear with the air springs wearing out.

Fuel Pressure Regulator Leaking Diesel

The failure is caused by poor design of the way the unit fits to the cylinder head and the unit will need to be replaced with a new metal gasket.

In Tank Fuel Pump Failure

Poor starting and performance and/or a noisy pump are the usual symptoms.

Erratic Running, Engine Management Faults

This can be caused by ingress of oil into the Fuel Injector Wiring Loom which can seep as far as the engine ECU.

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